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For sale

1973 mz es125 in good original condition has been used for a number of camping weekends and a week’s holiday and proved very reliable. It fitted with a 6v vape ignition and new tyres and tubes. Was imported from Germany in 2014 so Speedo in kmph. £1400 Middlesbrough

Contact Glen 07596556070

301 jetting

Greetings all. I’m in the process of converting my outfit to 300. I have a 301 barrel and head ready to be grafted on to my 250 engine . I’m going to use a bvf carb, does anyone know if the jets are different to the 250. And if so what size do I need. Cheese


Wanted. Wilf Green Vertically Finned ETZ cylinder head extension, often known as the “Door Stop” which I believe is where most of them ended up!

Also, has anyone out there got an old bashed or battered Smiths Chronometric Speedo? or Rev counter. Anything considered!

Please Tel 07715276003

Thanks Nigel.




Exhaust leak at clamp joint on ETZ 251 and front wheel bind

Hi everyone,

Looking for answers to the two small issues pre taking restored motorcycle to its first MOT for 16 years!
On tick over and a little light revving in the shed I have noticed a dribble of oiliness coming from under the clamp holding the down pipe and silencer together. I have tightened the clamp up and it has diminished but still drips a bit. Is there supposed to be a gasket there as I can’t seem to find reference to one other than possibly an ‘exhaust elbow gasket’ but no clue as to where or how to fit it and the shape seems wrong!
The other issue is a slight bind on the brake pads which happens for about a quarter of the front wheel turn. It doesn’t stop the wheel turn and I think the disc is true and the wheel looks true and I’m not personally overconcerned but I want it to pass the MOT! grateful for any help. Kind regards, Chris


Sentry circle camping 22_24th October near northallerton North Yorkshire. Choice of 2 pubs 1 mile away nice clean facilities on site. £7.50 per person night

more information text Glen on 07596556070

Tax and MOT for restored motorcycle

Hi fellow MZ riders,

I’ve just restored my MZ251 ETZ solo m/cycle. It has been SORN since 2006 although DVLC ceased sending me SORN declaration demands after 2013. I now wish to get it back on the road, particularly as I’ve invested a great deal in getting it back into a good condition and want to remind myself of the pleasure of riding it! Do I need to notify DVLC before I seek to insure it and have it MOT’d as I won’t be able to get it taxed beforehand. Anyone with recent experience of this?

Kind regards to all fellow restorers and MZ lovers.


Standing room

Now then, greetings chums. I’m on the blag. Does any bod have a center stand for a 251 that they would part with? I fitted a stand from a ts250 to my latest project as I had one in a box. Sadly it touches down at very modest lean angles and is very un nerving. Cheese


Sorry To do this again but the Kent Sunday Meeting will be a week Earlier at the Hollyville Cafe on 19 September 10 am to midday. If good weather we can have a ride out to somewhere near by. And for those Itching for a ride i will be at the Willesborough Windmill for Norman Day on the 26 September 10 to midday, Address Just of Junction 10 m20 Down Hythe Road. TN240QG..

Saturday 25 I will be at Headcorn Airfield for the Buzzing Club camp.

Yorkshire section September meet

How do cats n kittens

the September section meet for the Yorkshire section will be at Ravenseat top of Swaledale between Dacre and Kirkby Steven. 12th of the month 12 bells onward.

this is where the Yorkshire shepherdess hangs out, there is a tea van to sell you tea/ coffee and sarnies, and a barn to shelterin should the weather be inclement.

I have emailed to clear the meet with them but had no reply, however when I called earlier in the month I was told to just tip up. So that is what we will do.

be there or be elsewhere!


Just a reminder that our first Sunday meeting ia this weekend at the Hollyville Cafe West Kingsdown Nr Brands Hatch, 11 am I will be there between 10 and 10.30 for breakfast.

ALSO our camp is 3-5 September Hatchers Farm

Dismantling generator on ETZ251 – how to undo rotor?

Hi everyone,

I’ve acquired a Tezet electronic ignition kit to replace the points system on my 1990 ETZ 251. Trouble is the Haynes Manual does not describe or show how to remove the existing generator from the engine. Allen key on central bolt merely turns the engine over like the kick start. Do I need a special tool to remove the generator? Thanks in advance for any help with this

Old tools

Oi oi just had a clear out of my lock up and have a lot of old hand tools to move on, mainly screwdrivers/spanners/ sockets. Does any one know of any charities that take old tools to recycle/ reuse in the 3rd world. I find it impossible to throw them away, which it is why they were in the lock up to start with.

by third world I mean Lancashire/ Lincolnshire/wales/Africa

or if anyone fancies a fertiliser sack full of old tools you are welcome to collect.E75CDD1D-414C-49E7-AF50-F91A79E4E09A

August Yorkshire section meeting

Oi oi chums, the Yorkshire section meeting for August will be at the Breighton Ferry pub YO86DH near Selby. There is a camp here the weekend of 6/7/8 august and the section meeting will be Sunday lunchtime from 12. I have chosen this venue as most things the Yorkshire section organise tend to be in the West riding. Hopefully this venue will tempt some lads from the eastern bloc to visit.

Any more details contact me or for camping Duncan Kirk