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Krampus treffen winter rally 3/4/5 December

The delayed and much anticipated winter rally run by Yorkshire section MZ Riders club will be all systems go on 3/4/5 December.

Based in rural Lincolnshire on a small private campsite. There is no pub in the village so an honesty bar will be in operation.

It being a winter rally there will be adequate shelter available and a wood stove to thaw out frozen digits / dry out damp nether garments.

the cost is £40

this includes camping

1 ltr beer

2 x evening meals

2 x breakfast

24 hr tea/ coffee and bisquits


bracer on arrival

Food courtesy of the roadkill cafe

Due to limited space prebooking is necessary, please contact me at


301 jetting

Greetings all. I’m in the process of converting my outfit to 300. I have a 301 barrel and head ready to be grafted on to my 250 engine . I’m going to use a bvf carb, does anyone know if the jets are different to the 250. And if so what size do I need. Cheese

Standing room

Now then, greetings chums. I’m on the blag. Does any bod have a center stand for a 251 that they would part with? I fitted a stand from a ts250 to my latest project as I had one in a box. Sadly it touches down at very modest lean angles and is very un nerving. Cheese

Yorkshire section September meet

How do cats n kittens

the September section meet for the Yorkshire section will be at Ravenseat top of Swaledale between Dacre and Kirkby Steven. 12th of the month 12 bells onward.

this is where the Yorkshire shepherdess hangs out, there is a tea van to sell you tea/ coffee and sarnies, and a barn to shelterin should the weather be inclement.

I have emailed to clear the meet with them but had no reply, however when I called earlier in the month I was told to just tip up. So that is what we will do.

be there or be elsewhere!

Old tools

Oi oi just had a clear out of my lock up and have a lot of old hand tools to move on, mainly screwdrivers/spanners/ sockets. Does any one know of any charities that take old tools to recycle/ reuse in the 3rd world. I find it impossible to throw them away, which it is why they were in the lock up to start with.

by third world I mean Lancashire/ Lincolnshire/wales/Africa

or if anyone fancies a fertiliser sack full of old tools you are welcome to collect.E75CDD1D-414C-49E7-AF50-F91A79E4E09A

August Yorkshire section meeting

Oi oi chums, the Yorkshire section meeting for August will be at the Breighton Ferry pub YO86DH near Selby. There is a camp here the weekend of 6/7/8 august and the section meeting will be Sunday lunchtime from 12. I have chosen this venue as most things the Yorkshire section organise tend to be in the West riding. Hopefully this venue will tempt some lads from the eastern bloc to visit.

Any more details contact me or for camping Duncan Kirk


Yorkshire section meet July 11

Oi oi cats n kittens. Julys section meeting will be at The New Inn Appletreewick near Grassington.

There is lots of outside seating with views of the Wharfe valley, also a room we can use if inclement.

Sadly at the minute there is no food available , full range of drinks and nuts/ crisps though. Splendid iscream van just a mile away at Barden bridge.

I won’t be doing a run out this time as I will have been to the camp in Dent and will be calling on my way home. Doesn’t stop anybod else from running one though!.

be there or be elsewhere.



Yorkshire section June meet

Oi oi chums, the Yorkshire section meet will be on 13 June at Ponden Mill cafe from 12.

The cafe has not fully opened after lock down so will only be offering tea and cakes. This isn’t a problem for me as these are in my top 10 favorite things.

I will be running a ride to the meet from The Brown Cow in Bingley BD162QX. Please turn up with full tanks for 10 am depart. Again no sports bikes please as there may be some easy green lanes and depending on who turns up a ford.

any further info please contact me.




Yorkshire section may meet

Greetings badgers,

First post plague section meet will be at Howstean Gorge cafe on 9th May.

there will be a run out to the meet from Bynnzi towers BD162QX meet to depart at 10 am.

old men on slow bikes please,( I will be leading on little stinky) there may be some light green lanes involved. If you want to go to section meeting on a sports bike please make your own way there for 12.

further info please txt me on 07980837005



Ts 250 rear wheel needed

Oi oi chums, I have been bolting together a supa5 during lockdown. The bike came to me in boxes and I have been working through these cleaning and painting.

After getting the rear wheel shot blasted, A68D8CB3-DE6E-48F0-9430-692F3B671A66painted and fitting a new tyre imagine my joy when I came to fit it to the bike. It seems that the wheel I have is from a ts125 with brake hub sized for a cable operated brake.

so I need a ts250 rear wheel with the brake hub for the rod operated brake. Does anyone have a spare they wouldn’t mind flogging?

Not bothered about the cosmetics as it will be getting blasted and painted.




sorted now thanks

Re super supa 5

I wrote a detailed description of the bike when I wrote the post but this has disappeared. Redid the description and it pissed off again. So will try here.

1979 supa 5 Historic vehicle so tax and mot exempt

refurbished over lockdown.

tinware including fuel tank powder coated by Triple s

stainless spokes

all fastenings replaced by stainless

replaced fork seals

new chain gaiters

new chrome tank panels and decals

new exhaust and down pipe

new seat cover

12 volt powerdyno

tidy and clean bike starts stops and lights up

wanting £1700

based in Bradford but can transport.


October Yorkshire section meeting

Oi oi badgers

the section meeting this month has been cancelled for obvious reasons.

called in at Ponden Mill today to speak with the lady who is in charge, we decided between us that with the rule of six and other lockdown restrictions the meeting could not go ahead legally.

i will let people know what is happening next month, but unless restrictions are lifted it is unlikely there will be a November or December meet.

watch this space



Powerdynamo wiring

Oi oi chaps

just on with wiring up my TS 250, it came as a box of bits and all I have done is bolt them back where they should be. Anyhoo it came with a vape ignition but it is unlike any that I have fitted, it has an external pick up and also has a wire that has been split and fitted with eye connectors.

is this to allow an external kill switch? Will I kill the vape if I connect them together and try to run it?

you input would be appreciated.


Yorkshire section meeting

Oi oi chums

This plague thing has hit again, after 15 years meeting in the Marsh in Cleck the new regime for  entry/ meeting has forced us to find a new venue. Whether this is a temporary move or not is for the future to tell us.

We held the section AGM at Ponden Mill cafe Stanbury on Sunday and it was decided that for the foreseeable the section meetings will be held here. Same pack drill just a different location.

Second Sunday of the Month from 12.30

Any peripatetic meetings in warmer weather will be notified to the masses.



Krampustreff 4/5/6 December

Oi oi chaps who’s up for some winter camping?

The much anticipated Yorkshire section Krampustreff is now open for booking. Sadly booking is necessary due to traceability,limited camping and catering facilities.

The camp will be in North Lincolnshire

Due to the lack of facilities in the area ( the pub closed in 1889) the camp will be self contained.

the camp costs £30 and includes

2 nights camping

gluwein/jäger tea on arrival and welcome pack

2x evening meals

2x breakfast


unlimited tea/coffee

local beer on honesty bar but feel free to bring your own.

The site has a communal cabin with a stove and there will be additional gazebos on site for shelter.

There is a lot of nothing in the area but the winding roads are excellent

please contact me to book a place, details will be given after booking.

be there or be elsewhere


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