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Hi all

I’ve had a batch of MZ clutch tools made up – a clutch basket tool and the primary drive sprocket locking device, as shown in some workshop manuals (MZ part number 12-MW 5-3).

Means you can lock up the primary drive easily on the TS 125/150. As the clutches are so similar, will also be useful for an ETZ125/150 and I imagine also the ES125/150 (though I havent an ES engine to try).

Laser cut from 5mm mild steel plate. The primary drive tool is also cut from steel plate, so these 3 laminates will need bolting or welding together. There are holes spot-drilled to facilitate alignment.

Will be supplied as-cut (as per 2nd photo). I’ve just tried a couple (as shown) and they work well as is, but you may wish to spend a bit of time with the file tidying up the edges, and painting it.

Asking for £20 plus postage (£5 for UK mainland)



Ollie Harris


Miscellaneous items for sale

For Sale
1960’s full fairing £30
Old Craven luggage rack £8
Enamel pin badge red/gold £1
MZRC sticker, 40yr old, never seen another like it £1
Sew on patches £1 each: red/blk; yellow/grn; MZ racing; Simson racing
Stickers £2 pair (see photo)




Martin Grimshaw
Peterborough/ Kettering

KTM Forks, 21″ Wheel and Brake – Swap for ETZ Equivalent parts

My ETZ250 came with a KTM Enduro bike front end all in good condition but I want to convert it back to standard. So if you have a set of ETZ disk brake forks, disk brake front wheel and master cylinder/caliper in equivalent condition I would be pleased to do a swap. The bottom yoke already has the standard MZ headstock bearing. Pictures of my items below. Items are in Hilperton,, Wiltshire. starfield181 @ gmail , com. 01225 763567

Offers considered if no swaps provided its enough to buy the MZ bits. Your opportunity to build an MZ based Enduro bike.




12V accessory socket for 6V bikes

For sale: 6V input 12V output auxiliary power sockets. I’ve been running one of these to charge phone or run mapping app for a couple of years now when camping & so far so good. Small batch made, 3 left. Attaches to battery terminals, waterproof on/off switch & in-line fuse (switch off to conserve battery & charging circuit), aluminium housing for circuitry. All ziptied to frame next to battery box. Will not run fridge/jumpstart campervans. £35 each. Email for details.

Various lights for sale

For sale

3 old British spotlights
7″ Lucas. Chrome. £12
5.75″ Lumax CD9. Chrome rim, black back.£8
5.75″ Butlers. Repainted white with black rim.£8

Pair of Ring (made in GDR!) car spotlights, round. New,boxed. £10

Pair of Niox car spotlights, rectangular.£5

Martin Grimshaw, Peterborough

Can be collected from Peterborough or Kettering







For Sale – Let there be Light!

For Sale – Let there be Light

7″ headlight glass/reflector for TS Brand new £10
ETZ headlamp shell £6
ETZ headlamp shell/glass/reflector/rim with large amount of wiring loom including light/indicator switch £17
Simson complete headlamp. Make neat custom headlight or sidecar auxiliary light. New £12. Used £10
Pair of amber running lights as fitted to UK ETZs in mid-80s. £8
ES indicators, brand new,boxed £14 pair
Pair of spotlights “Ring” made in DDR Brand new, boxed £12
Single “Ring” spotlight, used £3
Pair of plastic car spotlights. £8
Complete CEV moped headlamp. £4
Old British metal-bodied spotlights “Lumax” and “Butlers” £12 each

Martin Grimshaw, Peterborough
Items can be collected from either Kettering or Peterborough.







Tool Chests

I am having a garage reorganisation and have a couple of Halfords tool centre’s (Tool chest and cabinet), for sale.

If you go onto the Halfords website they are the ones that retail at £125.

Obviously they are not new and a couple of drawers have a habit of coming off the runners but push back ok, they are red in colour (as all tool boxes should be in my opinion).

Open to offers but thought in the region of £25 each would be fair. (Do a deal if you take the pair).

PM me if interested I live in Sandhurst (Berkshire)