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If you have an MZ (2 or 4 stroke, it matters not), then you will find that the MZ Riders Club is an essential membership. The expertise freely available to assist riders is priceless. In fact many club members don’t have MZs, they just enjoy the club atmosphere!! So, whatever you ride (or even if you don’t), then why not make an investment today?

Membership to the MZ Riders Club is a snip:

  • Britain and Ireland Single Member :
    £20/€30 one year,
    £35/€50 two years.
  • Continental Europe Single member £25 / €35 per year
  • Rest Of The World Single member £30 / US $55 or equivalent per year

Note :- the above rates include postage of a magazine to your home address. A cheaper option, particularly for overseas members is the Emag subscription option below. This is a cheaper option as no postage is involved, and though you will be a full member of the club, you will receive your membership details in an email which you can print off if you need to, and your magazines will be e-mailed to you.

  • Emag Subscription :
    (Worldwide – see Rules): 1 year. £18
    (Worldwide – see Rules): 2 years. £32
    (Worldwide – see Rules): 3 years. £47 – see note below.

For this you will receive 6 issues of MZ Rider every year, (the MZ Riders Club’s magazine), and have access to the Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs who provide great assistance at keeping old vehicles (like ours) on the road.

Join or renew online, or download and complete a membership application form and send it to the membership secretary at the address shown. For email queries, contact members [at] mzridersclub [dot] com.

These are the latest club rules RULES OF THE MZ RIDERS CLUB July 2015

Note – Emag Subscription;  Magazine is sent by email (pdf circa 6mb),  all communications must be via email including membership card and payment must be made via PayPal. The PDF file is for the member’s personal use and not to be distributed or published.