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NW England autumn camp

The NW England camp at the Turner Hall campsite over the weekend of September 17th – 19th is definitely ON. Hilary, the site owner would prefer those thinking of turning up that weekend to pre-book either online, by email or by phone, however she won’t turn anybody away if they just turn up. However if you have  covid symptoms, tested positive for covid or are isolating then could you please stay away. There will be  QR posters knocking about the place to register on. The Turner Hall website is


Dave Gillespie

The site owner has blocked the online booking as the MZ Club is holding it’s autumn camp that weekend. But she is taking bookings by email or over the phone or she will accept bookings from anyone who just turns up that weekend.

Dave Gillespie

MZ Camp Turner Hall Cumbria Sept 17th – 19th

A camping weekend organised by the NW England section will be held over the weekend of September 17th – 19th 2021 at the Turner Hall campsite, Seathwaite, Broughton in Furness, Cumbria LA20 6EE. All the usual facilities plus a brilliant location and a pub about a 10 minute walk away. All the details can be found on  As of this moment the site is open for business but nearer the time it might be worth  contacting me 0151 474 1877  in these uncertain times.

Dave Gillespie

Hands on help required

I have just fitted a Vape/Powerdynamo generator/coil kit to my 301 Luxus MZ. It is all mounted and the wiring completed as per the instructions. However I am left with a spare red/black cable that comes from the ignition switch and was connected to the red cable that connected to the previous Vape/Powerdynamo coil. There is no mention of this red/black cable in the new kits instructions and as a result there is no obvious connection from the coil to the ignition switch.

I am pretty rubbish at electrical problem solving so I am looking for someone who could give me some practical help sorting out the bother. I am willing to transport my bike any reasonable distance from here in Liverpool to anyone who is a whizz at this sort of stuff.


Dave Gillespie

Bob Mortimer

I have the sad job of reporting that on Friday 19th of February 2021 the MZ Riders Club lost one of it’s nicest members. Bob Mortimer had been a club member in the NW England section for getting on for 40 years to my knowledge. He was really good company and quite a regular at a number of camping weekends through out the country. He was always ready to help and give advice to anyone who asked especially on electrical problems. He could however blind you with science if you let him! He was also a long time member of the Jawa Club and he continued to ride his bikes right up until a few years ago. He was always a regular on various sidecar outfits too. It is a great pity that we will not be able to attend his funeral because I know it would have been well supported.

It was an honour to have known him

Dave Gillespie

12 volt generator/ electronic ignition

Thinking of fitting a Power Dynamo / Vape 12volt generator and electronic ignition unit on my 1996 301 MZ. I have been having a number of charging problems lately and as my bike has done getting on for 150,000 miles now maybe the original generator system is getting a bit worn out. I would appreciate any advice about this idea, good or bad.


Dave Gillespie

Charging problems

The bane of my MZ riding life has returned. The charging light has started to glow when running on headlights, not very brightly but glowing never the less. My bike is a 1996 301 MZ and so far I have checked with a multimeter that the new battery is fully charged showing 12,9 volts with the ignition on, lights on, bike not running. The result was a very slow voltage drop. However with the engine running on a fast idle and the lights on the voltage is 11,8. With the lights off the meter shows 12.4 volts. The carbon brushes have plenty of meat on them (15,5 mm long both of them) and all the connections and wiring seem to be ok. I would appreciate some help as I am not too good when it comes to electrics. If anyone has any ideas could you can give  this electrical numpty some help but in a language that I can understand.


Dave Gillespie

NW England camp Seathwaite

Anyone who may be thinking of meeting up with other MZ Riders Club friends at the Turner Hall campsite on 11th – 13th September will be pleased to know that the Newfield Inn pub is definitely opening on 1st September. To book a table ring 01229 717243 which is the number of the new owners other pub as the Newfield Inn is still closed at the moment. When booking mention that the booking you are ringing about is for the Newfield Inn. Those on Facebook can check out this news on the Newfield Inn page.

Cheers   Dave Gillespie

NW England camping weekend

Regarding the camping weekend at Turner Hall campsite Seathwaite September 11th – 13th. If those who are definitely going could please let me know as soon as they can as well as booking with the campsite owner so that we have some idea of numbers. This has been requested by Hilary at Turner Hall. It might be a good idea when booking to mention that  you  are from the MZ Riders Club.

Thank you

Dave Gillespie

NW England camping weekend

The NW England section are holding a camping weekend on 11th September – 13th September 2020 at the Turner Hall campsite, Seathwaite, Broughton in Furness, Cumbria, LA20 6EE. The prices are as follows; Adults £7, Tents £1, vehicles £1, Campervans £2.

OK that’s the easy bit done! As you are all aware, because of the present situation regarding Covid 19 there are some conditions attached to anyone thinking of having a camping weekend up in the Lake District. Firstly you will have to book in advance via phone, email or messenger and you have to give your name and contact details. Payment is preferred by BACS but they will take cash if necessary. They cannot take cards as there is no connections. If you have to cancel please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise they may not be able to sell your pitch and you will only get a partial refund of 80%.  The number of pitches are limited and they need to be at least 6 metres apart. There will be no day visitors.

Please arrive after midday and pitch your tent and once you have settled in let them know you’ve arrived. They will then check your booking and give you a label to display. It’s a working farm so don’t worry if you can’t find them, they will be around the site somewhere. Remember, pitch your tent 6 metres away from other campers who are not in your group.

PAYMENT DETAILS. Sort 40 09 14    A/C 61896970   Turner Hall Campsite Ltd   HSBC Business Account.

As of this moment the pub, Newfield Inn, is closed for refurbishment but according to their facebook page it due to open in the autumn but when in the autumn is not certain. Hopefully we will know more soon.

I can be contacted; Dave Gillespie 0151 474 1877 0r        also

I understand that it seems to be a lot of phaffing about, however it is what it is and we are all stuck with it for the foreseeable future. However I am starting the process of getting my life back and this camping weekend is another way of doing it.    Cheers Dave Gillespie

1974 ES 250 Help wanted

I have received an message from a Jon Jackson of Lancaster who has just bought a 1974 ES 250. The engine has a rumble on the left hand side which more or less disappears when the clutch is pulled in. The seller said that it was the clutch bearing but Jon thinks it could be the main bearing. He is looking for someone, hopefully in the north of England who can rebuild the engine as he is hoping to do some European touring on it. Jon is not a club member at the moment but intends to join if he can sort out the engine. If anyone can help he can be contacted via me.               Thanks

Dave Gillespie

18″ and 16″ tyres

I need to buy two new tyres front and rear. Trying to decipher the rim size dimensions given by various websites is a bit confusing but I have managed to get the equivalents sorted I think. Hopefully they are as follows 2,75 x 18 = 80/90 – 18 or 3,10 – 18 and 3,25 x 16 = 100/90 – 16. Can anyone confirm these figures. Also has anyone fitted a 3,50 x 16 rear tyre and did they notice any difference?

Cheers   Dave Gillespie

NW England Spring camp 2020

Our sections spring camp will be held on the weekend of May 8th – 9th – 10th 2020 at the Turner Hall Farm campsite, Seathwaite, Duddon Valley, SW Lake District area LA20 6EE. This is an excellent campsite as those who have stayed there before will testify with all the usual facilities and a great pub about 20 minutes walk away . One point of note is that the 8th of May is a bank holiday in 2020 and not the previous Monday. So I have been advised by the campsite owner that in view of this fact if anyone plans to eat at the pub it might be a good idea to book before hand as the pub may be busy. The prices for 2020 are as follows; Adults £7:00, vehicles £1:00, tents £1:00, camper vans £2:00, all per night, shower meter £1:00.  More information on or contact Dave Gillespie 01514741877

Dave Gillespie

M reg Skorpion for sale

An M reg dismantled Skorpion for sale in the Leyland, Lancashire area. The seller has stored this Skorpion in a dry condition for a friend who went to work abroad over 20 years ago but now wants to get rid of it. He has regularly turned over the engine and kept it well oiled. It will need to be registered but he says he will do it if required but he has been in contact with the DVLA and they have no problems concerning this bike. The seller is not looking for a lot of money  just wants it out from under his feet. John Radcliff can be contacted on 01772 463225 if anyone is interested.

NW England section Autumn camp 2019

The NW England sections autumn camp will be held at the Coniston Hall campsite, Coniston, Lake District LA21 8AS over the weekend of September 13th – 15th 2019. The nightly tariff is £10 per adult and £2. 00 per vehicle. The site is situated on the shores of Lake Coniston and has all the usual facilities as well as a small shop where, on arrival, you sign in and pay for the length of your stay. There are a couple of pubs close by as well as those in Coniston village plus various other eating places. My contact details are in the section contacts page in the MZ Rider magazine so I hope to see you at Coniston Hall soon.

Dave Gillespie NW England section rep.

NW England sec. Spring camp

The tariff for our spring camp at Seathwaite in the Lake District this April is unchanged from last year. It is therefore Adults £6.00 per person per night, tent £1.00 per night, vehicle £1.00 per night and campervan £2.00. Any further details go onto the Duddon Valley website or contact me; Dave Gillespie 0151 474 1877            Thanks

1974 MZ to give away

Had an email from a Mike Smith regarding his fathers MZ. His father, Roy, lives in Aughton nr Ormskirk in Lancashire and has an MZ in his garage which he would like to give away to a good home, namely an MZ enthusiast.

Mike thinks it’s a 1974 TS250 4 speed model but with a Supa 5 engine fitted. The registration number is NED881M and it has a few modifications including a high level exhaust and an 18″ front wheel. The bike is a non runner at present and was last on the road about 1996. He cannot find the log book but maybe the DVLA can sort that out. If anyone is at all interested Mike would need them to pick up the bike from his fathers house.

Mike can be contacted on 07890 546831

Cheers  Dave Gillespieimage1_jpegimage2_jpeg


In a recent edition of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics there was a short piece about different ignition options for a older Japanese model that was being restored. Included in the article was a few lines about the  Powerdynamo company saying that the manufacturers had ‘ ceased production following some hostile online comments’. I could not find any reference to this statement on the company website so does anyone know anything about this situation.

Dave Gillespie

Douglas Thomas

Last night I received a phone call from Dorothy Thomas, the wife of Douglas Thomas, to say that Douglas had died quite suddenly a few days ago. Douglas was a club member from St Annes near Blackpool and regulary attended the meetings at Leyland. The funeral details are as follows, the service will take place at Lytham crematorium on the 27th June at 12 oclock. Dorothy says that anybody wishing to attend and want to arrive by motorbike will be more than welcome. Any further details please contact me on 0151 474 1877.  Cheers. Dave Gillespie.