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TS250/1 engine in an ETZ 250 frame?

As a relative newcomer to MZs, can anyone tell me if it is possible to put a 5 speed TS250/1 motor in an ETZ250 rolling chassis without too much stress and angst?

It looks like it should fit looking at the poition of the rear engine plate bolts and head-suspension fitting but would I have to keep the TS250 exhaust system and would the airbox rubbers be compatible and in the right place to enable it to perform OK?

Any pointers would be helpful.



Regalia items

Can anyone give me a heads up on how to buy any of the items advertised in the Regalia section of the website.

I emailed Bernard Lumb in early January for a price of the MZ Hints and Tips booklets but was told that all the regalia items had been handed over to a Chris Bastow and that he had access to the email box and would get back to me, but that was weeks ago and I have had no reply.

In the latest MZ Rider magazine it says that the Regalia Officer is now Robbie Clark but without any contact details.

I’m a bit confused and still ‘Hints and Tips’-less.

Has anyone got a copy of the 3 sections of the Hints and Tips that I can buy / borrow (and copy if that’s allowed) ?