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Sorry To do this again but the Kent Sunday Meeting will be a week Earlier at the Hollyville Cafe on 19 September 10 am to midday. If good weather we can have a ride out to somewhere near by. And for those Itching for a ride i will be at the Willesborough Windmill for Norman Day on the 26 September 10 to midday, Address Just of Junction 10 m20 Down Hythe Road. TN240QG..

Saturday 25 I will be at Headcorn Airfield for the Buzzing Club camp.


To let all Kent members know that i have changed the Sunday meeting place The Bull. To Meet at the Hollyville Cafe, West Kingsdown Nr Brands Hatch on the 22 August. This is the 4th Sunday. I will be there at 11am. It is a classic Bike meet every Sunday. If most turn up on bikes then we can have a ride out from there.

Simson good, Trabant bad

Lying awake at 3.50am this morning listening to the world service, I caught a ten minute interview with the designer of the Simson 50, talking about that, and the Trabant on which he also worked.  It can be heard on BBC Sounds:

Witness History, World Service, 3.50 am, Friday 18 June 2021.

12 volt generator/ electronic ignition

Thinking of fitting a Power Dynamo / Vape 12volt generator and electronic ignition unit on my 1996 301 MZ. I have been having a number of charging problems lately and as my bike has done getting on for 150,000 miles now maybe the original generator system is getting a bit worn out. I would appreciate any advice about this idea, good or bad.


Dave Gillespie

Rebuilding ES250/2 engine

Hi everybody.  I’m a new member and this is my first post here.

I bought my MZ about 6 years ago.  A rather sad specimen off ebay that someone had brought over from Poland I think.  I got someone to weld up the cracked kickstart shaft boss and I bought a new crankshaft, piston, bearings and seals from Ost2rad.  I started putting it back together in earnest recently, but all is not going to plan.

The crankshaft is not turning easily and I think it has to be the seals.  I was sure I’d fitted them flush with the inner faces of the crankcases, but I’m not so sure now.  Is there minimal clearance between the crankshaft and seals?  What else could I check?MZ ES 250-2

Suggestions welcome.

Cheers David

MZ TS 125 gearbox issues


Any advice would be appriciated.

My MZ starts making a metallic rattling noise and the rev counter drops to zero when idling after being out for a long ride. I have had the clutch cover off and all the gears for the rev counter seem fine.

I am not sure what it is. I do know the gears on the clutch basket are worn and I will have to replace the basket and the chain, but this seems to be unrelated. When I drained the gearbox oil, alot of metal particles were being collected on the gearbox plug and on the inside of the clutch cover.

If I can make a video or take some pictures, that may explain my problem a bit better.

Thank you, Alastair


ETZ Gear lever spline

Could anyone  tell me if the gear lever spline on the ETZ 250 is the same as that on the ETZ 150? I am making some rearsets for my ETZ 250 and think that a straight gear lever would be a better starting point than the cranked 250 one – but only if it fits the splined shaft of the larger engine.

I am sure that someone will know.

Thanking you in anticipation


Heated Grips on a 500R or ETZ

Hello folks, has anybody fitted heated grips to a 500R or ETZ? (Same twist grip) if so how did you get over the problem of the twist grip inner steel sleeve being 28mm OD which is bigger than most other bikes on the planet and of course means the stiff heated grip with a 26mm ID can’t be slid into the twist grip sleeve. I could of course get a universal fit twist grip but they all take a barrel style cable end nipple whereas the MZ cable has a small ball type nipple, I could then either buy a different cable or butcher my own but I can’t help thinking there must be an easier way. Any suggestions appreciated.



Clutch noise

My newly rebuilt super five engine is making an annoying sound from the clutch . I think after investigation it may be end float of the clutch driver. The manual says use a dial guage which I do not have. Anyone know a way to get this right? The clutch operates as it should, just noisey.


Having sold both my Skorpions, I am now “MZless” for the first time in a number of years – this may be a temporary status – who knows? I still have the Skorpion brochures/literature for sale if anyone is interested. Tel 0926 641647. Ride safely, “over and out”.