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TS / ES 125/150 clutch spring pins

Hi all

Does anyone have any of the spring retaining pins, for the TS 125/150 clutch to hand? They’re about 3mm diameter 10mm long at a guess. They hold the spring caps down.

Same as the ES 125/150

Not looking to buy, just need an idea of the correct diameter, so I can make up new ones

I’m trying to finish off building an engine from the parts pile. Like always, with making stuff from leftover bits, it’s always the small parts which stop progress



Hi all

I’ve had a batch of MZ clutch tools made up – a clutch basket tool and the primary drive sprocket locking device, as shown in some workshop manuals (MZ part number 12-MW 5-3).

Means you can lock up the primary drive easily on the TS 125/150. As the clutches are so similar, will also be useful for an ETZ125/150 and I imagine also the ES125/150 (though I havent an ES engine to try).

Laser cut from 5mm mild steel plate. The primary drive tool is also cut from steel plate, so these 3 laminates will need bolting or welding together. There are holes spot-drilled to facilitate alignment.

Will be supplied as-cut (as per 2nd photo). I’ve just tried a couple (as shown) and they work well as is, but you may wish to spend a bit of time with the file tidying up the edges, and painting it.

Asking for £20 plus postage (£5 for UK mainland)



Ollie Harris


Covid MOT Extension

Just a quick note to those which have bikes with MOTs expiring soon, or have expired recently. MOT’s are no longer being extended by 6 months. It only ran for MOTs expiring between 30th March and 31st July

I only just realised this today, as my car runs out on Friday . Just thought I’d post here, to make sure no one makes the same mistake!