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TS125/150 Crank pin size

I have a conrod kit that has been ‘in stock’ for yonks but which I believe is for a TS125/150. I also have what I thought was a TS125/150 flywheel and today I decided to match them up with a view to rebuilding a spare good crank.

However, when I measured the crank pin that is part of the conrod kit it is circa 25mm diameter though the length seems correct. The crank pin in the flywheel is circa 28mm. Did MZ change the crank pin size on the small TS’s or is perchance the flywheel from an ETZ125?



MZ Spares – Going Free – Now spoken For.

I have decided to clear out the bulk of my MZ spares and they are available free with three provisos. Firstly you have to collect, secondly you take it all no cherry picking, thirdly I don’t want to see the good bits appearing on eBay days later. I expect the new owner to have a genuine intention to use some of it on projects and where appropriate to pass it on for free to other MZ enthusiasts.

I have not sorted it into sensible piles to photograph yet but the pictures  below give an idea of the quantity. There may be a bit more stuff available when it warms up enough to sort  it  out. Some of it is undoubtedly rubbish (kept o the usual excuse of it might be useful) but there is gold dust in there somewhere. There are no major parts like frames or complete engines, might be a couple of wheel when I dig that far.

If you are interested, call me for a chat. The bits are in Hilperton, Wilts about 10 miles from Bath. I know I will regret this because the day after they are gone I will find I needed one of those bits – but hey that’s life and not a good enough excuse to keep it all.

Peter 01225 763567 or starfield181 at gmail dot comIMG20210115154321 IMG20210115154311 IMG20210115154424

KTM Forks, 21″ Wheel and Brake – Swap for ETZ Equivalent parts

My ETZ250 came with a KTM Enduro bike front end all in good condition but I want to convert it back to standard. So if you have a set of ETZ disk brake forks, disk brake front wheel and master cylinder/caliper in equivalent condition I would be pleased to do a swap. The bottom yoke already has the standard MZ headstock bearing. Pictures of my items below. Items are in Hilperton,, Wiltshire. starfield181 @ gmail , com. 01225 763567

Offers considered if no swaps provided its enough to buy the MZ bits. Your opportunity to build an MZ based Enduro bike.




ES250 Bits for sale but would prefer to exchange for Trophy rear wheel

Please see pictures showing the ES250/2 Trophy parts which I have for disposal. Will sell but would prefer to swap for a decent Trophy rear wheel. All metal bits are sound and usable. The cowl includes the reflector mount with both clips present, complete and working. Be aware the badges are prints, not the correct cast items

Also have a very good 22t gearbox sprocket spare – need a 21t sprocket.

Thanks. Peter 01225 763567 or starfield181 @ gmail . com Nr Bath20180723_142807 20180723_142907

ETZ301 or ETZ300 Top end complete wanted

I am looking for either a compete ETZ301 engine or a 300 top end (barrel, piston and head) for an ETZ250. The latter must have been properly converted including the head opened out. Not overly concerned about the state of the 301 engine provided the top end is good. I have various MZ spares I could offer as a swap or p/ex or buy. Peter 01225 763567 or starfield181 (at) gmail (dot) com

ETZ Electronic ignition Query

Not sure where i got it from but in the garage is an etz alternator complete with what seems to be an electronic ignition system. There is a pickup which locates to what would have been the fixing screw for the condenser and a rotating part which is held by a peg on the stator and fits into the place where the points cam would normally sit on the alternator rotor. This piece has its own bearing and spins nicely.

I am intrigued to see if it works and physically i can fit the device but the wiring has me confused. The pickup wires are all attached and run into a small rectangular box which has a couple of rubber grommets (though exactly where it would be located is still a mystery).

Three other wires come out of the box; all with ring connectors, Brown (assume this is earth) green and a black with red stripe. I guess these connect to the coil and that the black/red connection is also for the live feed from the ignition switch since this is the same colour as the present coil feed. There is no other obvious way to connect a power supply.

Anyone know if this is correct or better still point me to a wiring diagram for this era. All of my manuals and documentation only show ordinary coil ignition with points.

Thanks PeterF

Problem with Pattern BVF carb – Check yours.

My newly rebuilt TS250 has a pattern BVF carb. Initially I had problems with it refusing to allow anything less than a 2k tickover. Not sure what the problem was but after a strip down and checkover all seemed well.

Today I took the bike for an 80 mile round trip. Nearly home. I was cruising at about 50mph but when i backed of for a corner the bike kept gaining speed! The slide had jammed in the carb. Luckily there was no one close behind so I was able to switch of the ignition and trundle to a halt. Took me a while to suss the problem which was the little brass pin on the RH side which locates the slide in the bore. This had moved outwards allowing the slide to rotate to the point where it jammed on the tickover adjustment screw.

I tapped the pin back in place but it went so easily that it is clearly a loose fit and back home I used some araldite to hold it in place pending a proper repair.

If you have one of these pattern carbs whether for 125/150 or the 250 variants it might just be worth checking if the pin is loose!