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TS125 headlight loom and switch help

 I am after the wiring loom from the headlight to the left hand light/horn switch
I am having ongoing problems with this tricky switch and now seek help!
Is it possible for you guys to sell me the wiring loom which goes from inside the headlight to the left hand switch with the switch attached to the wiring. It would be much appreciated.
The bike which is my daughter’s is
A 1984 MZ TS125 Alpine
Reg b262 rah
Clearly happy to pay fair price
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Graham Petruckevitch ♠

High beam a no go!

Hello all again.

Well good news. My daughter passed her Mod 2 on the TS125. It’s been very well behaved then we went to Lithuania for a week leaving my daughter at home (18 and we were expecting complaints party wise!) and while away the TS played up.

Headlight bulbs blowing , but we have now  got to the stage that dipped is fine but as soon as you switch it onto high beam it blows. Can anyone tell me the correct wiring colour for the 3 wires going into the bulb holder,from left to right. The parking light is odd as it only works once the headlight shell is on, maybe it needs to earth. The annoying thing is the wiring looks great and has be redone a few years ago. I’ve got to say though the wiring going into the right hand switch is a pig to get in and get the cover on with the runner mat in place as well.

Any help always appreciated.






MZ 251 clutch

Hi all

So I’ve started to play about with the new addition a MZ251. I noticed that the clutch is not fully engaged when the bike is in gear.

So I’ve adjusted the clutch and done the 11mm distance from centre of the clutch cable nipple to casing. It was still the same the clutch when pulled in not fully engaged.

So should I increase the distance of the clutch rod which the cable goes in, or should I reduce to less than 11mm. Another problem is when you do this the plate which sits on the part you adjust does then not line up to allow you to do up the 3 allen bolts to out the round casing cover back on. Does this make sense to anyone ?



Graham Petruckevitch



New MZ !

So my daughters TS125 is going a treat, all good. I seem to have obtained a ETZ251. Its a runner but needs a tidy up. Why are the speedo and tacho instruments square ? sadly they are damaged so I am after another pair if anyone can help.

Also when draining the gearbox oil there seems to be 2 drainplugs. One classically is super tight and has silicone around it. I undone the other which had gearbox oil drain from it but it was the neutral plug, it had a spring and ball bearing sitting on the top!. Should this be undone to drain the gearbox oil.


Any help with this project is greatly appreciated.



Timing set TS125

Well many thanks for the info on setting the timing guys. I finally got a decent piece of kit from Burwins and away we go.

I set the points first.  Then got the piston to TDC . The cheap test lamp pen currently blow it’s bulb twice….dont buy cheap on eBay. I carried on and set it back 3mm. I could see the spark at the moment the points open. I reckon I was about 2.6mm from TDC.

It starts well and feels responsive.


Graham Petruckevitch

Help Carb advice needed

Hello all

I have had ongoing difficulties with the TS125 Alpine carb. If you slowly roll the revs on its fine but a little more  harsh throttle and it goes flat and judders.  I’m keen to try another carb. I think it may just be old.

I’m sure it’s a fuel thing. Funny enough it’s starts and if you lean it on the side stand and wack through the years with the back wheel up its really spot on.

Maybe I’m just too big !

What would be a good alternative ? I’ve emailed Amal to see what they say.


Regards Graham Petruckevitch

TS125 hard to start

Hello all

Recently the TS has been a real pain to start. ive taken the carbs to bits and its starting a little easier but still taking alot of kicks to fire up. Is it the cold weather , does anyone else have this problem. I was wondering if the timing was a bit out. I did this by ear originally and it started ok. Whats peoples opnion on this ?




Trickle charging my 6 volt ts125

Morning guy’s

Currently it’s -4 out there so cant see me going far today. I’ve bought a 6v battery charger with trickle charge system. I plan to just put it on with the battery still on the bike and not disconnected.  Will this be okay or do I risk damaging coils and other electrical units ?

Does anyone else keep there 6 volt battery in situ.



Air inlet pipe frustration

Morning all


So I bought a new air inlet pipe. The last one never really sat on the carb well so I figured it was worn and old. Got a new one through and I currently have this Laurel and Hardy situation that every time I try to put it on the carb it pops off the panel with the air filter. Any suggestions as currently its on the carb but not completely seated in the other end. Though looking at the plug I do seem to have a nice biscuit brown colour !





OMG ive fixed it

Hi all

Well after lots of different attempts to stop the indicators on the TS125 flashing erratically. Its fixed.

I bought a 6v indicator relay from M and P motorcycles. Different wattage and it works. The only thing is with the engine off the indicator warning light stays on all the time when you try the indicators with the engine off. With the engine running it works fine and at high revs the indicators stay constant. This may mean that there is an issue with genuine flasher relays.

The ongoing indicator drama

Hi all

So many thanks for all your advice on solving my daughters TS125 indicator problem. I tried LED 6 volt bulbs and relay. The indicators worked but the relay constantly clicked and the warning light in  the speedo didnt work.

Ive just tried a lower wattage 6 volt bulb but no real change. So the odd thing is the left side is almost civilised without looking like a crazed raver. The right side front  flashes much faster giving the appearance of a dimmer light.

Why is the right side flashing faster ?


Gearbox top up oddity

Hello again guys. So its a little odd but ive been topping up the gearbox oil on the ts125 on the left hand side. This is a big bolt close to the carb which I belive is a blanking bolt for the tacho drive.

When i tried to top up gearbox oil from right hand side which has a bung it just poured out the points side everywhere.  The odd thing is topping it up on the right hand side works. The oil stays there and all I get is a little drip from the smaller drain plug. The engine is an odd one I think.  The bike was made in 82 but not registered until 84 in the UK. There is no tacho drive in the engine  as I discovered after buying a tacho and cable !

The manual says to top up on the left for early models. I think the engine is an older ts125 so a cros

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s over time as it had no tacho originally.

Thoughts ?