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Tool Chests

I am having a garage reorganisation and have a couple of Halfords tool centre’s (Tool chest and cabinet), for sale.

If you go onto the Halfords website they are the ones that retail at £125.

Obviously they are not new and a couple of drawers have a habit of coming off the runners but push back ok, they are red in colour (as all tool boxes should be in my opinion).

Open to offers but thought in the region of £25 each would be fair. (Do a deal if you take the pair).

PM me if interested I live in Sandhurst (Berkshire)



Vostok Amphibia page 24/25 last magazine

Happy New Year one and all. I read the watch item in the last mag with interest, and in the spare moments over christmas whilst the rest of the family were watching the various deaths/murders and general mayhem of the TV soaps used the internet to look at the online reviews.

So curses ROB EDMUNDS (author of the article), I am now showing not only an unhealthy obsession with MZ’s but also with Russian watches.

Best Wishes to All

MZ TS250/1 Sidestand fitting saga

Hi All

I purchased a sidestand a few years ago and have finally got round to fitting it today (dont ask why its taken so long).

Problem 1. Spacer block was not as wide as the existing spacer, no problem turned up a spacer to take up shortfall.

Problem 2. Brake rod fouls spacer block, so ground off enough from back of spacing block to give clearance, and refitted.

Problem 3. It appears the stand leg is too long and the bike stands far too upright, if handlebars are turned to the left then it would probably fall over if a light wind blew.

I think its coming off again (tomorrow) and a bit of cutting to shorten and then welding the foot back on is called for.

At least its keeping my elderly neighbour entertained as he likes to wander up to “supervise” me.

Has anyone else had this problem?