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MZRC sits vac #2: webmaster

I’m sorry to announce I will be standing down from my position as webmaster, due to my upcoming planned relocation to Malaysia: as you might imagine, I have many loose ends to tie off before I leave. I’m hoping for a quick handover, so please form an orderly queue 🙂 Expressions of interest to the Chairman in the first instance, please.

As I see it, my successor has the choice of starting from scratch – in which case there is not much need for me to be involved – or continuing to use the current site, which is based on WordPress. Starting from scratch would imply some reinvention of the wheel when it comes to member-only content, although I know that the restricted access to the site is a contentious issue, and it may need to be revisited,

It follows that some familiarity with WordPress would be advantageous, and knowledge of php (a programming language) would be a positive bonus (there are one or two things I have done with php beyond the usual functions offered by WordPress, but these developments are not very advanced). Certainly, WordPress is a popular platform (one of the reasons why I opted for it) and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we will find someone else who knows their way around it. In any event, whether we stick with WordPress or not, I will gladly work with my successor until he or she is happy to take over fully.

Finally, my thanks to you all for your trust, support, and constructive criticism. I’ve enjoyed the two years I’ve been club webmaster, and I am sad to have to relinquish the role. I will remain a club member, and look forward to seeing some of you in a muddy field somewhere.

A useful links page (Earles forks fans look away now)

The eagle-eyed among you will spot the presence of a new item in the menu: a links page. It’s a little sparse right now, so suggestions are welcome – there’s a dedicated forum thread for you to do so, or you could leave a comment here. Please give the URL of the site in question – otherwise I will ignore the suggestion – plus a brief note why you think it should be included if it’s not immediately obvious.

Announcing the new club forums

Or should that be fora? Anyway, following on from this discussion, plus representations made to me through other channels, I’m happy to announce that we are trialling a club forum. Take a look, and let me know what you think, either in the comments to this thread or in the suggestions box in the forums. I’m particularly interested to know what sub-forums you would find useful, but all comments welcome.

Adverts: open or closed?

Hello everyone

I’m getting quite a lot of feedback about the new site through one channel or another. One subject is coming up more frequently than anything else, and that is the adverts being restricted to members only. The thinking was to try and keep machines and parts within the club, with the hope that people interested in buying an MZ would join first. Howver, the counter-argument is that people are more likely to buy a bike first, and then join the club. If machines for sale through the club are offered to non-members, we might convert them into members. There’s obvious merit in that point, and I don’t have objections to making the change.

However, an objection has been raised, that members may be more willing to sell their bikes at a reasonable rate to fellow club members, whilst not wanting to see a non-member take advantage of that lowewr price and immediately resell on well-known auction sites (no names, no pack-drill). So the idea of a restriction applying for, say, thirty days has also been suggested, before the advert is opened to all.

Yet another option is simply to run two lists: one open to all, and the other restricted to members-only: individual sellers can then choose the option they prefer.

Please let me know in the comments which if these options you prefer, or, indeed, if there’s another way forward you can see that hasn’t been mentioned above.

New Website

Congratulations Ian on a superb looking new website. It must have taken many hours of work to get this far, and I hope all runs smoothly as you finish migrating over all of the material from the old one.

Well done, and keep up the good work.
MZ Rider Editor

Feedback and suggestions welcome!

Well, here we are at last, on the new-look website. I don’t know about anyone else, but I got my latest club mag on Saturday morning, which was a bit of a shock, as I’d hoped to have this weekend to put the last finishing touches together before the mag went out with my foolhardy promise that the site would be ready by the time you read about it.

Anyway, here it is, blinking and squinting in the sunlight. It is early days, yet, and while I would love to hope we can hit the ground running, there will inevitably be teething troubles. I’d be grateful if you could draw my attention to any you spot by leaving a comment below this post or, if you prefer, emailing me at webmaster@you should not see this arbitrary anti-spam

Any other comments, suggestions, brickbats or bouquets are also welcome, via those same channels.