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A long-term mystery solved

Hello All!

I know one of the purposes of the club is for members to share information, so I thought this  little trick might be of interest…

I have bought quite a few old secondhand bikes over the years and I have noticed that they quite often come from their previous owners with a mysterious dent in the chrome headlamp rim, usually near the top. I have always wondered as so many old bikes seem to have it. I am sure that you will all have seen such distinctive dents and wondered over how to achieve them yourself.

Well, this afternoon, I solved the mystery and the solution could not be simpler! When you are changing a headlamp bulb, all you need to do to get this dent – and add character to your bike – is remove the headlamp rim and glass and then accidentally drop it so it bounces onto the hard concrete floor of the workshop. It’s as simple as that, and impossible to undo. I know, because I have been trying for the rest of the afternoon.

This handy tip does not just work with MZ TS250/1’s, of course, but any bike with a chrome headlamp rim.

With best wishes to all for safe riding, from James