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Malaysian workhorses

It’s a little off-topic, but I thought the utilitarian nature of these vehicles might appeal – I spotted these in Kuala Lumpur.

There were quite a few of these box sidecars lashed to step-thrus of one description or another:

All well and good, but I would have thought, physically challenged or not, the rider of this contraption would be more at risk than if he just had two or – at a pinch – three wheels. Don’t fancy trying to get round any corners on this:

This in temperatures of plus 30 Celsius in the shade, mind you. I won’t admit to my choice of riding gear in Ho Chi Minh City, which is where I am now. You know how bikes are great for slipping through the jams in the morning rush hour? Well…

Phil Krix in the UK

As many of you will already know, Phil arrived in the UK on 9th September after his epic 14,000km ride from Oz to England on his ETZ 250. Unfortunately, my plan to welcome him at Dover went pear-shaped when his text failed to get through, but Phil found time to jump on a train and head down to Broadstairs on Sunday 22nd so that we could meet up for a natter. We also, of course, had time to drag all of the bikes out of the garage so that my wife could take a few photos. Here is Phil and me (no prizes for guessing who is who!) with, from left to right, Mitzi, Ezme, Olive and Maizie. Phil did mention that he may get round to penning a few words about his trip for a future issue of MZ Rider (no pressure from me, honest!!). An occasional ‘Australia Section Report’ would also be most welcome!!!

To see more about the trip, Google ‘MZ Adventure Facebook’




Whitchurch AGM 2013 – award winners’ gallery

AWARDS (no particular order)

Ian Bulmer and Wife (name not known). Special Award – Outfit.

Tony and Debbie from Kent (surname(s) unknown). Furthest Travelled Award – 336 miles, Jawa 350 outfit.


Tony Bishop. Best Two Stroke Award.

Lance Gilrass. Best Four Stroke Award.

Adrian Foot. Furthest Travelled Overseas (…Scotland!). 330 miles Harley.

Peter Killan. Oldest MZ.

Paul Codling. “O Cor Blimey” Award. 250 miles on a 125cc Minsk.

Two other pictures – Eric Hagon – punctured tyre – recovered back home.

55000 km in 13 years. Not a lot but in that time it has been to Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It resides in England in a nice dry garage. Generally I try to ride it at least once in every month. These days I try and pick a fine day. So far this year I have managed every month! January and February might have been just once each, but it has been out.

Photo is from 2010 and I am with the bike at a camp site in Cannock Chase. I was on the way home from the 2010 AGM in Porlock. Robert Saunders tent behind.

Home from AGM 2010

Homeward from AGM

MZ TS150 Cafe Racer

A few shots of Tom Walker’s TS150 cafe racer conversion. There are some interesting looking mods on this bike, which Tom has had since he was 16.

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker

Courtesy of Tom Walker