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      ‘AAA Dummy


      I have been having problems starting my TS 250/1 when its warm. I have been having problems with flooding the bike.

      Is there a correct starting procedure for a warm engine?

      If I just turn on the fuel and ignition and kick it over it might start on the after many 7 or eight kicks but it floods some time. If I take the plug out it wet but not fouled and if I dry it on a rag and ut it back it generally starts about third kick.

      If I use choke it floods most of the time and i need to wait 10 mins, or dry the plug or turn of the fuel and kickj away to my hearts content until it vntually starts.

      I have had more luck giving it 3 or 4 priming kicks with no choke and the ignition off then turn on the ignition thn it will start 3 or 4 kick.

      Cold starting isnot big problem but starting again after a short stop has become a bit of a lottery.

      Any advice is much appreciated.

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      From what you are saying It could be a few things.
      First, have you got a good spark at the plug when the engine is warm?
      And good compression? Do you have any air intake leaks? and if all that is OK, is, on the carburetor, the choke plunger rubber in good condition and is the plunger closing properly? give the cable plenty of free play.
      Check and set the float level,(have you got a manual?) check if the float is not leaking, and that the tab on the float shuts the needle valve properly.
      Sometimes symptoms like that could possible be a crank case or seal leaking, maybe letting in air.

      Hope this helps.

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      Try a cold start by fuel on, ignition off choke on, no throttle. Kick over once. Then close choke and ignition on and kick start. Should
      Start . As for warm do not use choke, just ignition on and fuel and kick. I have used this method for years on my super5 if your on 6volt get the mz_b 12v kit it will transform the bike. Hope this helps

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      I dismantled and rebuilt the carb. On dismantling the carb the gasket had disintegrated and fell to pieces. I replaced the float which wan very dented all over. No idea how that happens. Replaced the springs for throttle and choke. The choke plunger and the jets. The warm starting issue has now gone away. I assume the gasket was the issue but the throttle closes a lot more positively so that’s a plus.

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