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      Sean O’Sullivan

      Hi All
      Just joined, I would appreciate any feedback on the 12v vape ignition system, is it worth doing this mod ? If anyone has experience of fitting one and what difference this made to your machine as apposed to the original 6V I’d be grateful
      Many thanks

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      Keith Wilson

      Hi Sean,
      The vape system is very stable. I would say it’s one of the best upgrades you can do. I have used them on all my mz bikes and will be fitting one to my dkw.
      I ran one on a ts250/1 for 20 years as daily transport without a problem. I would suggest the battery option and keep it charged up if you don’t use the bike often. I fitted the coil to the front facing side of the battery holder and the regulator underneath the holder. Only four small holes and a neat install. Well worth the time. Just follow the instructions take your time.

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      Sean O’Sullivan

      Many thanks Keith

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      Ollie Harris

      For the sake of balance, the coil died on my vape-fitted Ts125 leaving me stranded
      Replacement coils are about half the cost of a new kit
      I went back to 6v. At least points condensers and coils are cheap enough to carry spares
      In fairness, the 12v conversion was brilliant whilst it lasted, but the cost of a replacement coil just annoyed me

Viewing 3 reply threads
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