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      My ETZ 250 has just had its clutch plates replaced by a local mechanic. I have just had a call to say that the clutch is working perfectly and the bike rides ok and changes gears ok but he is unable to select neutral if the bike is not on the centre stand. If it is on the stand it pops in and out of neutral easily but off the stand no joy.
      He and I are baffled, any one with any ideas?

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      well clutch adjustment is the obvious starting point,but would have assumed you had done that.tight chain could also affect it

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      Derek Reynolds

      Check the action of the centre stand as it moves from one extremity to the other, does it in any way foul either the gearchange lever or the clutch cable.

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      Membership Man

      Hi Peter, I am a great believer in always looking at the last thing you did when something has gone wrong. I suspect what you have is clutch drag caused by the thicker new plates and no doubt some new oil. Its not unusual for the 250 motors to be hard to get into neutral and always seems to get worse if the motor is disturbed. With the bike on the stand the back wheel can spin so the clutch does not have much effect dragging or not.
      You may just have to get used to slipping the bike into neutral before coming to a halt and if you forget then you will just have to hold the clutch in until you can pull away again.Since you state that the garage road tested the bike I am assuming that the clutch does actually work, its just an issue getting neutral.It will probably bed in over time ( but do make sure your clutch is adjusted properly)



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