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      A A A Dummy

      Can’t find any thing on club web site am I looking in the wrong place? I know 2strokes are very delicate and have read Bell on 2/s tuning .some one must know how to get a little more out of these wonderfull machines without turning them into screaming peaky monsters? It has been suggested to me that a m/m of top of exhaust port and a m/m off bottom on inlet port will light the fuse but not spoil the plot? will an expansion box give it more go or just upset neighbours and bolster pilots ego? Any thoughts would be interesting. Thanks Mike Taylor

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      A A A Dummy

      Contact Martin at Burwins he has a great knowledge of all things Mz
      Simon Rotgans

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      Membership Man


      Have a look at this link from the MZ racing web site. You may find something helpful which can be used on a road bike.



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