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      Hi Guys,
      I’m rebuilding the bottom end of a 1978 TS250/1 and have questions concerning the crank oil seals:
      1) When fitting seals, does the side with the spring go against the main bearings, or face outwards? (the ETZ rebuild video shows the right-hand seal spring towards the main bearing, but the left-hand seal spring towards the clutch)
      2) Do the metal discs between the seals and the main bearings fit between the circlips and the bearings, or between the oil seals and the circlips?
      Thanks for any help.

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      A A A Dummy

      Hi This is the order Bearing then plate then first circlips. Then oil seal with spring facing towards the bearing then lastly a circlips which could be the same flat type as the inner or a round one dependent upon the crankcase number (complicated in Know) but depends if and early one or later one…. Phil Speakman will advise good luck Stuart

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      Hi Stuart, thanks for the info. My confusion is because as I stripped the engine, both seal lip springs were on the bearing side, and the metal discs were between the oil seal and circlip.
      I have a copy of the original 1977 MZ manual which state that ‘The sealing lips of the radial seal rings at dynamo and clutch side point to the left’. Indeed, watching the factory videos on YouTube for the ETZ engine rebuild, shows the left-hand oil seal with the spring towards the clutch….I release that the TS250/1 may be different from the ETZ, hence my confusion.
      Thanks again

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