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      Hi There,

      Have just started to tidy up a few electrical gremlins on my re-built TS250/1 (79). Have all the bulbs etc running/charging etc. All lamps light with engine off (except for issue below with indicators).

      Starts well and holds a good tickover……but – cuts out when I switch the side or headlamp on.

      Also – off-isde indicator blinks very slowly, near side very fast.

      Any ideas?

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      A A A Dummy

      Check the output from the regulator and service the regulator.

      I had all kinds of cut out issues with my TS250/1 when riding and then turning the indicators and the lights on. Almost imposiible to keep the engine running with both the lights and the indicators on. Worse at low revs when approaching roundabaouts. On my bike tickover was poor at standstill but it did tickover. In the end I replaced the electromechanical regulator with an electronic device and the improvement was dramatic. Tick over much much better. Does not stall at junctions and roundabouts. Does not stall with the indicators one. Does not stall with lights on. I suspect it was never making a consistent voltage at low revs under load.

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      Hi Rhodri,

      Thanks for update – Ijunked the electro mech RR in favour of a solid state one as part o the rebuild so I don’t think this is the cause.

      Battery is fully charged and the bikes runs great without the lights on (surprisingly well seen as the engine came semi dismantled in a box of bits!)

      Charge light goes out and alternator is obviously charging.

      I’m thinking that I might have a wire crossed over at the main switch as I used a wiring diagram that showed an unusual connection for the lights (ie different to the pukka MZ schematic).

      …a job for the weekend!

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      Peter Fielding

      One thought which caught me out a while ago. Did you by any chance replace the red multiway connector that sits under the seat? If so make sure the one you used is not the type fitted to ETZs. These have some of the connectors cross connected whereas the red ones are all separate. Created all sorts of odd electrical behaviour on my bike.

      Your indicator problem is almost certainly poor connections inside the winker units or poor earth connections. Winkers take 6amps so doesn’t need much to drag the voltage down
      Have you tried using a voltmeter to make sure the system is charging properly even under load? Having the warning light go out is no guarantee of a fully functional system.

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      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for feedback.

      I had the connector problem when I first connected the loom but have since fixed it.

      Headlight/engine cutting out was caused by duff battery – have now replaced battery and this issue is fixed. System is charging (checked with multi-meter).

      Checked all the obvious connections for the indicator and have tracked down problem to rear o/s indicator – need to take this off the bike and do a thorough check for earth etc.



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      indicators fixed – all lights working as they should – ready for an MOT……

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