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      David Penwarden

      Hi, new to the MZ Riders club.
      I bought a 1978 TS250/1 recently that has stood for 30+ years, 22,000 miles filthy but is cleaning up OK. I have started to look at the engine, piston & bore are worn (standard size 69mm) so will get the cylinder re-bored. I am looking for advice on pistons, are there original pistons available? or are there recommendations/experience of alternatives.
      Thanks for your help.

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      Keith Wilson

      Yes they are available.try these shops.
      Gabors mz laden
      Gusi motorcycle parts
      Mz zweirad Schubert
      New old stock and pattern.
      Hope this helps Keith

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      Ollie Harris

      I think the original brand was Megu, which might help when searching online. “Almot” are considered to be good aftermarket pistons. Some of the cheap aftermarket ones are really bad

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      David Penwarden

      Thanks Keith and Ollie, I will have a look at those suppliers.

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