TS250/1 Piston to head clearance

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      David Penwarden

      For the piston to head clearance is there any noticeable change in performance/smoothness in setting this closer to 1.2mm or 1.6mm?

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      Steve Nicholson

      I think the smaller squish will create more turbulence and a better burn in the chamber.

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      Matthew Nichols

      I think there will be a slight variation on top speed vs torque (due to the compression ratio changing slightly) but it’s all very minimal that you wouldn’t really know. Just like most torque settings, and adjustment values and wear properties…. Just go for the middle 🙂

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      William Dunstan

      I run a supa5 race bike in the BHR club and I run 1mm clearance and have no problems revving to 7000rpm and the bike seems fine at lower revs . but in theory the tighter squish should reduce the chance of detonation but the higher compression ratio should increase the risk but as these engines are generally quite low compression this should not be a problem. generally high compression gives an increase in torque but tends to reduce power at the very top of the rev range and lower compression seems to give a flatter lower torque curve

Viewing 3 reply threads
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