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      ‘AAA Dummy

      I’m going by the book and setting points at 0.3mm, opening 3mm btdc . . any advance on that?? (pun intended!) I am using the dial gauge/Rizzla paper method but if anyone has any better ideas, or variations on the settings given in the manual I’d be very please to hear.

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      Peter Fielding

      I always set my MZ engines to a bit less around 2.7mm but best thing is to experiment and see what your engine likes. Anywhere between 2.5 and 3mm is likely to be ok. Set the points gap before doing the timing.

      With coil ignition I have found you get a much more accurate result if you just turn the ignition on then slowly rotate the engine (plug out) with a spanner on the locking bolt. You will see the spark precisely as the points open. You will be surprised how far this differs from detecting the opening with Rizla.

      Hope that helps


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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Thanks Peter, your reply to my question is exactly the sort of advice I need. I might get myself a current tester as they are only £10 at Wickes but first I need a bracket for my dial gauge as its 10 or more years since I last set points (other bike, Beemer is CDI) and although I found the gauge I can’t find the bracket!

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