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      I’m just about to complete the full rewire of a ’78 TS125 (with speedo in the headlight), using a new loom from MZ Spares.

      As the bike was bought as a non-runner I’d like to know what each position of the headlight switch is for – there appear to be around 5 positions, 2 of which allow key removal.

      Can anyone help with a breakdown of what each click should do?

      Also, to help me see if all works as it should, are all electrical functions available without the engine running, or only some?

      Pearls of wisdom gratefully accepted!

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      A A A Dummy

      Ok here goes
      Key straight ahead = normal running with no lights
      One click to left = as above with sidelights
      One more click to left = plus headlight
      One click to right = all off + key comes out
      One more click to right = parking lights + key comes out
      Last click to right = emergency start

      Hope this helps

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      Hi Stuart,

      Great stuff! By a process of elimination I’d since worked out what I thought they all are, apart from the emergency start position, so your clarification is very welcome.



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