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      I am a new member, living in Cheshire and have bought a 1977 TS 150.
      After much fiddling I have almost mastered the starting procedure. The bike has a healthy spark and rides really well, it’s my 1st MZ at the age of 61 and I’m becoming a convert.
      I’ve cleaned the carb and regardless of the needle position, hot or cold the bike will not idle, with no throttle it dies. I have fitted a new throttle cable and don’t have enough adjustment to increase the tick over. Any ideas please.

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      Derek Reynolds

      Sounds like the cable outer is a bit short, or the inner a bit long (same effect). If any end ferrules are all in place and are fully seated in their respective locations, you might need to add another at some point to compensate for the discrepancy allowing the cable adjuster to work on the tickover, either that or if you are handy with the soldering, shorten the inner – but measure carefully first.

      Mark you, I only have had ‘hands on’ with an ES125, and the new cable I got from Germany had an outer 9mm too long, preventing the throttle slide from closing at all! Did it rev!! Shortening the outer cured that one.

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        Many thanks for your reply. I have just fitted raised bars and new cables (from Germany). I suspect that the outer cable is too short, so will try fitting an extra ferrule or longer adjustor, not sure how to do this ?
        Is it possible to fit an adjustor at the brake leaver end as well as one at the carb end ?
        Thanks again for your help.

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        Have measured both the old and new cables. Distance between the new Outer cable and inner cable is 9mm too long. So added an additional ferrule as an adaptor (cut down to 9mm and drilled out so that the inner cable will pass through it). When adjusted the bike idles perfectly now !
        So many thanks for your advice.
        I will either araldite the additional ferrule into the adjustor, or ask a friend with a lathe to make a small adaptor.
        However, first I’m going for a ride tomorrow to the Classic Bike Show at Stafford Show ground.I should have bought a MZ years ago, what fantastic value for money, I’m really enjoying fiddling with it and riding it.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Mark

      Apologies if I am pitching low but have you adjusted the idle speed on the carb? I have a TS250/1 and on that bike the left hand screw which has the screw head angled downward is the idle adjust. The further you screw it in the higher it pushes the throttle body and the faster it tries to tick over. The idle mixture screw to the right will also be important. Set it as per manua,l for mine its 2.5 turns out. Set it at the manual recommended position with a healthy idle speed and see if that does the trick.

      Failing that check the voltage coming off the regulator. I had trouble for ages with a lumpy idle and constant stalling at standstill, much worse with lights on. When I changed to a an electric regulator the bike was transformed.


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        Hi Rhodri
        When fully adjusted at the carb end, tick over is gill too low.
        Idle mixture screw set at two and a half turns.
        Will try and locate the left hand screw to raise the throttle body – that should work.
        If the above doesn’t work then I’ll try the extra ferrule or adjuster.
        Hope that it’s not the regulator, electrics are all a “bit foreign” to me.
        Many thanks for your help.

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      Derek Reynolds

      Hi Mark, just back from being away a week.

      Interesting to read your outer was 9mm too short, and my outer was 9mm too long!! I wonder if their stock has got mixed up!?!? Mine came from Cristine Gradisch trading as http://www.oldtimer-teileshop.de
      I bought a set of five cables (both brakes; clutch; throttle and choke) for the ES125. Inc. p&p from Germany £19.10p. It’s possible your throttle cable would have fitted mine perfectly, and visa versa!

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