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      Ollie Harris

      Whilst I’m waiting for a pair of front brake shoes to be relined (on a TS 125), my bike is off the road as they’re matching the lining to the wheel. So they’ve got the current wheel

      To get the bike back on the road, I’m sorting out another wheel, but am stuck for a few parts.
      The N/S wheel bearing (currently) is shielded with a steel disc. As luck would have it, it’s with the wheel having a nice holiday. I do not have another. It’s probably still somewhere down at beaulieu, where I bought my last bike

      I do, however, have one of those cast aluminium hub covers. It seems to fit fine, but I cannot see how it’s supposed to stop dust, with a 1mm gap between the hub. Is there supposed to be another seal, which covers the L/H bearing, with the inner face rotating on the aluminium cover? The cover and wheel both came off a bike which had obviously been unloved – I reckon it’s been apart before and someone forgot the seal.

      Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Ollie
      In Answer to your question when these bikes were produced they would have been fitted with open bearings DDR and a sort of a rubber washer would have been fitted between that plate and the bearing to protect from ingress and dirt ETC. I had a couple of wheels built last year and read on a couple of forums that closed bearings are a modern choice and do not require any protection. Other advise may differ but the closed bearings work for me. I have even knocked out the open type and replaced with the closed type… I am a fair weather rider to be honest!!!

      You can buy the closed type ( I use bearing options on EBAY) the manufacturer is Challenge and the number is 6302 ZC3 ( guess the ZC3 denotes closed type)

      Best of luck Stuart

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      Ollie Harris

      Thanks for the reply.
      I had one rubber seal, so used that on the inside to stop any grease getting on the shoes.
      As I only intend to use the wheel for no more than a week, I’ve left the other bearing open and filled it with lots of grease. I’ve used the aluminium cap to stop goats from going in there for the time being.
      Hopefully my old wheel will be back very soon.
      Thanks again

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