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      Evening guys

      Well the TS125 passed its MOT again. Its a 84 so a few more mots needed.

      It passed but I got a few advisories One being to keep an eye on some slight play on the swingarm.

      Do the MZ.TS125 have slight play on swingarm as standard ?


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      Ollie Harris

      They’re rubber bushed so there will be a little bit of movement.
      Its not a nice job to do, as the rubber bushes are a very tight fit and need to be pressed in at the same time as the inner sleeve. It’s difficult to get it right
      I’d leave it as-is unless play is excessive – I guess you could remove one of the nuts to see if they are perished.

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      David Gillespie

      Hello Graham
      I had my supa 5 for 25 years and it ended up with some play with the swinging arm bearings area. It is a very involved job replacing the rubber bushes that requires a press to push in the new rubber bushes as well as the sleeves. I did not have the facilities to do the job so what I did was to cut out some 1 MM thick u shaped shims and pushed them down the sides of the rubber bushes. This took out the play. Once they were worn out I just removed them and replaced them with more shims.
      Dave Gillespie

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      Thanks guys. I think I will monitor it !

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