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      anyone know where i can get my speedo checked out? seems at 40mph im doing 30!

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      Brian Thurlow

      I think you may be better fitting another, plenty on ebay.

      I know when I had a ETZ250 it took 3 speedos before I got one to read ok, my first one read 65mph at 80mph.

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      Richard Smith

      Check your speedo cable,if it’s starting to fray,it will give inaccurate readings.
      Ride through an illuminated speed sign a few times at various speeds,to get a rough idea of how far out your speedo is.

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      Membership Man

      Hi Keith,

      If you are still having problems might be an idea to check you have the corrrect speedo for a supa5. All circular MZ speedos will fit but the internal gearing on the ETZs can be different. The correct speedo will have a ratio of 1.6 stamped on the base somewhere.


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      yes the ratio is correct and the speedo was new. i will check the cable.

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