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      When I first got the bike I noticed the k/start lever seemed to travel quite a way before engaging the pawls, say from one o’clock to three o’clock so quite some motion is lost. With my feeble kick I need all the advantage I can get.
      Can it have been assembled/timed incorrectly or are my expectations to high.
      It also slips on occasion so I’m thinking to replace the pawls. Looks straight forward, or is it.
      Ithangyou. Rob.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Rob
      Hope you don’t mind me having a go at this one! PLEASE interject anyone who has other advice (always willing to learn).
      Some time back on my running TS 250/1 I noticed a gear box 9clutch side oil leak so I thought to myself renew the clutch side casing seal so I bought a couple of thick ones from Martin (Burwins) and set about the renewal… only thing is that I took the kick start arm off (silly me)…
      Now the point is that I had to reassemble the kickstart before replacing the clutch-side cover back with the new seal.

      I would inspect the spring to make sure it is ok and located as it should be.
      Others will no doubt be able to illuminate on names of parts. You will need a vice with soft teeth and you need to place the shaft in the vice and turn the casing 1 and a quarter turns and replace the kick start arm and cotter pin.
      There is a video on you tube (about 59 mins) in English dubbed which shows you how to!!!
      It sounds to me that the spring is too loose The link is: Note it is an ETZ but the principal is the same. Just been on the site and the video is a but stop / start but might be my internet connection
      Best Stuart

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      That’s really rather good Stuart. Just had a quick look at it and saved to my favourites for future reference. Much better than Haynes !

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      Peter Fielding

      Hi Rob,

      Lost motion on the kickstart is quite common and I don’t think its related to the spring (sorry Stuart). There is a a peg which pushes on the plate that holds the starter pawl out of engagement. As the starter rotates the peg releases the plate and a spring pushes the pawl forward. It may be possible to adjust the position of the peg on its splines to get it to release the plate and thus engage the k/s a bit sooner. However, I have never seen any instructions on how to ‘time’ the k/s in any of the manuals.

      Sadly the only way to resolve it is to remove the outer cover (leaving the k/s in position) to examine the parts. My explanation is rubbish but its all pretty obvious when you can look at it.

      Be aware there was an earlier type of mechanism used on 4 speed engines mainly. Does the same job but in a slightly different way and is completely interchangeable but only in toto.



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      Thanks Peter,
      My first concern that was that the c/cases might have to be split to get at it.
      Now I know it’s accessible I will start delving and see what I can do.
      Will report back as soon as.
      Away for a week to N.Ireland on my Le Velo. Yes !
      Mention of which brings me back to kick starters.
      On the Le, the slightest movement gives engagement, thus kind of magnifying
      the amount of free movement on the MZ.
      Thanks again. Rob.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      No Problem Peter and thanks for the update. Good to learn something new
      Best Stuart

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