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      Neil Evans

      Hello All,
      I just decided to resurrect my old steed and joined you guys and am very impressed with club feel, thank you.

      I drained the petrol and cleaned the carb on the Supa 5. Tank was free of corrosion and carb seemed ok but removed all jets and screws, put a can of carb cleaner thro and carefully reassembled. Also a new plug. Following the well known starting procedure it just wont show any signs of starting. Fuel is getting through the carb, compression is good and spark healthy although the plug is dry after lots of kicking over. The bike was previously a great starter and quite reliable.

      The bike has had 12V conversion and MZ-B power dynamo (what is this?).

      I am thinking that the crankcase seals may have gone after long storage in what has been a hot garage at times. Is this a big job, could it be something else?

      Any responses will be greatly appreciated.

      Many Thanks, Neil

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      John Latuskie

      Check the choke, the plug should be wet if fuel getting through.
      Check the pilot jet which often blocks after long storage.
      Dont’ jump to unfounded conclusions such as crankcase seals.
      Assume timing OK. IS the spark violet when you earth plug
      against engine.

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        Neil Evans

        Thanks John for reply,
        Yes violet spark. All jets seemed to pass carb cleaner easily, idle and throttle screw carefully reset to previous position. I can see fuel pass through pipe to carb. I will look at carb again and recheck jets and settings, also choke.

        Any other views and thoughts very welcome, thanks, Neil

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      John Latuskie

      Seems unlikely that plug is faulty but easy to put a new one in.
      Choke should wet the plug after 3 or 4 kicks which is where I would focus my attention.

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      So did it start.
      Are you sure that your kicking leg hasn’t weakened in the intervene.
      I really have to jump on mine whilst saying that old Australian expression.
      “Start you Bastard for F—s Sake”.

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