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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hello i’ve got a problem with the speedo drive on my etz251 when i stripped down the chain case i found that there was a lot of metal debris in with the grease with what looked like broken chain roller,these metal partials have sum how got into the speedo drive gears the speedo pinion shaft had broken teeth, but the drive gear on the sprocket did not look too bad.
      So i ordered a new pinion shaft ,which i now have trouble is that it does not mesh with the sprocket drive gear the pinion drive shaft gear has 12 teeth(same as the old one) and the sprocket drive gear has 30 teeth, reading the Haynes manual it says that the two gears should be replaced as a pair, but no one seems to sell them as a pair.
      Iam quite happy to buy a new sprocket speedo drive gear but i’m concerned that it might not mesh with the other pinion shaft gear.
      any ideas please Rob

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