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      Oh dear, my Skorpion fuel tank has broken out in blisters. I’ve had the bike since 2001 without any suggestion of this problem until today, so why now? Well, the bike has always been garaged and rarely ridden over winter but this year it’s been different. Because of another renovation project needing garage space the Skorpion has wintered outside under a waterproof cover. I know tank blistering is often blamed on fuel permeating through the plastic tank but it seems to me there must be something else going on to affect my bike now and not in the previous nineteen years. The blisters can be burst and there’s a small amount of fluid in them and it seems like water. Most of the blisters are above the level of the fuel in the tank but there is some below the fuel line. None of the other plastic parts painted in the same colour are affected.
      The moral is don’t over winter your Skorpion under a waterproof cover.
      It’s a bit of a sickener, that’s the polite version of what I’m really thinking.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Aaaawwwww man I’m a new member of this club so have only just read this post my rt had exactly the same issue it was my dads bike and he kept it outside under covers !! When I inherited it after he passed I decided to restore it and the only way to fix this is to have the tank stripped to bare plastic and start again. The painter who did mine said it was something to do with the original primer they used possibly not correct for use on plastic or not applying adhesion promoter first off !! Hope your issue is sorted now

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