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      Can anyone advise the definitive oil quantities and oil grades for both my 1995 Skorpion Tour with 41mm Paioli forks and for my 500R which has 35mm tubes with springs of 530mm free length and a 4.5mm coil spring material. My otherwise very good Skorpion User Handbook doesn’t give any info and my 500R User Handbook is similarly devoid of specifications. I’ve seen an assortment of advice on forums, none of which is consistent.
      If all else fails for my 500R I will go with the Haynes manual for the ETZ251/301 which is 265cc of SAE10W but I may substitute 15W to account for the heavier engine and likely heavier braking to avoid too much dive when braking . For the Skorpion I will go for 340cc of SAE15W.
      Any advice very welcome.

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      Keith Angus

      The ETZ 251 manual says 230 – 250 cc, 350 to 370 mm high. Measure the height with a bit of rod right down the middle of the fork. They also emphasise it is important to get both forks to the same level. As for grade of oil, I wonder if the spring is already a bit stiffer to take account of the extra weight. You may need to experiment. I got very good at swapping forks around when I was testing three sets to find out which ones leaked.


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