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      I’ve had a love hate releationship with my Skorpuon over the last 15 years. I love it when it starts and I can enjoy a ride. On the other hand I hate it when it won’t start and I leave it in the garage, taking my 500R out instead. But that’s changed. I think I’ve discovered the secret of it starting. For years I’ve kept the bike available over winter with the fuel tap open. Last year I decided theded to lay the bike up for winter doing the normal things like draining the carburettor. In April I picked up the keys an headed with dread to the garage to try to start the Skorpion. I opened the fuel tap and a few minutes later pressed the starter, to my absolute amazement it started immediately. Previously, leaving the bike for anything more than a week would result in a painfully protracted starting process. Since then I’ve left the bike running until the carb is empty and thereafter it’s started easily. So what happens to fuel lying in my carb bowl which doesn’t happen to fuel lying in my fuel tank? I don’t know but can only tell you of my experience.

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      Hi Neil
      I had this issue with a Honda XL250 and put it down to the float valve in the carb leaking ever so slightly and over time the fuel level rose in the carb untill it gave a too rich mixture to start.

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Neil, I always drain my carbs if I store the bike for a month or more. Ive just dragged my sport out of deep sleep from 4 1/2 years and it started first time on the old fuel once carbs filled, although I use high octane premium stuff as it pays off in storage and rewards by being a smoother ride.
      There is a knack in starting and its > choke on, spin it over the once only, rest it for 3 seconds then hit the starter again and mine then starts and I can turn choke down just enough to keep the revs above idle.

      Hope this helps Eric

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      Brian Thurlow

      When I had my Skorpion Traveller I always let the bike run the carb dry if I was leaving it for any length of time, or it could be a swine to start, not sure if this works if the fuel pump is still fitted.

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      Derek Reynolds

      Had a similar thing with the Honda CX500.
      No problem starting if used every day (always closed the taps), but if left a week (or more) would fail to start – unless – drain the carb bowls, then close drain cocks, taps on to refill – started easy.

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      Thanks to all contributers to my original post. Several of you have agreed that draining the carb is one solution and this concurs with discussions I’ve had elsewhere. But why? What changes to fuel in the carb which doesn’t change when it stands for the same period in the tank? I can’t fathom it out and while I happily accept the solution I would like to understand the chemistry of it. And why only on the Skorpion?
      Thanks to you all

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      Richard Smith

      My CX has that too Derek! Starts right up if within a week, otherwise a considerble amount of cranking until fire.

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      And just to prove the point the bike has been standing a few months with a drained carb and having filled the carb it started first push of the button.

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