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      Nicholas Perry

      I am a Simson owner and rider and it’s my everyday ride for work and pleasure. I have a S51, S51E and a spare engine. The spare had a seized engine and as I hadn’t worked on an engine in 25 years thought it a good opportunity to split the engine, replace bearings and seals and upgrade to a 60cc. Simson forums suggested this was an easy upgrade as it just involves new barrel, head and piston which were needed anyway. I was pleased that it went so easily and I am happy with the result.

      At the time I had thought of going to 70cc (or more) but searching the same forums suggested it was more complicated. Between my poor German and Google translate I got no definitive answers other than it seemed to require a new crank, possibly new gearing and machining of the cases.

      So I thought I would ask here where there is a wealth of experience to see if anybody has information (in English) about what is required to change an S51 50cc to a 70cc machine.

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