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      i recently rejoined the club after a long break, having recently bought a scorpiom traveller i would like to ask if any members would care to recommend any spares suppliers for these mzs ? the only one i have found so far . by trawling the net is grahams motorcycles of taunton anthony venables

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      Brian Thurlow

      Hi Anthony.

      Grahams are the only MZ Skorpion, MZ1000, RT125. four stroke part supplier’s outside Germany.

      But the Skorpion has only two parts that I can think of that are only available from MZ, the Air Filter, & Rubber Swing Arm Chain Guard, most plastics I would think are now unobtainable new.

      The rest of the bike is made from Yamaha (engine, swing arm,) and Italian parts, (Forks, Brakes, Wheels), so parts can be obtained anywhere, ebay.

      A Useful forum.

      Hope this helps.


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      David Usher

      When searching use the correct German spelling, SKORPION rather than SCORPION. It is unique for a motorcycle and gets you there quicker.

      Agree on bitza, although it can be difficult to work out out some parts. Grahams are not cheap but are quick. Helps when a new brake lever is needed after knocking bike over with car. Same for indicators. I have only ever seen that lens on an version of the current Triumphs. Rear light unit is Buel and Ducati. LED replacement worth it.

      Enjoy the bike.

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