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      Hi there. I have a TS250 with a badly ripped seat cover. Has anyone tried the DIY ones advertised by the likes of or

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Wayne I have replaced one earlier this year the seat cover is easily replaced by removing the back tool box panel and snipping the cord that runs through the seat (its a tie cord), you then have to careful bend back the retaining lugs that secure the seat as if corroded they will snap off. When replacing pull the cord and tie off and cut the surplus cord…. I actually lost quite a few of the lugs but used some 1/4 inch aluminium right angle to secure the seat to the base drilling through and using self tappers ( I do not notice the seat difference) I bought mine From Ebay but from a Hungarian supplier… I buy a lot from Ost2Rad and would suggest if buying from them you buy several things as that way you maximise against there postage cost (around £14)


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      Fab – thanks Stuart, detail most helpful. I will give a go


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      ‘AAA Dummy


      In the post above you mention removing the back tool box panel….. well, on my bike, I have a tight fitting seat, and underneath I can feel the void that is the tool kit space.
      With the bike, I was supplied a ‘frame’ for the void and a lid with a lock that actually fits the bike.

      Can I just stanley knife out the fabric covering the void, then screw/bolt in the frame then fit the lid?

      I really don’t want to wreck a perfectly fitted seat cover.

      Or…… as usual, is it more complicated that that?

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      Gordon Harkness

      Hi Mike,

      Yes you can.

      I recovered my seat and did exactly this. The toolbox frame helps clamp the cover when it is fitted. You might want use some contact adhesive as belt and braces.


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