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      Darren Setter

      Hopefully an easy question for someone here!
      I need replacement rings for my Simson S50. Standard bore is 40mm, but mine measures as 40.5mm, which I believe is the second oversize. The rings which came off both measure as 41.5mm (outer diameter).
      When looking for new ones online, do I search for 40.5mm (the compressed size) or 41.5mm (the expanded size)?
      Also, any thoughts on the best (cheapest!) company to buy from, other than ebay?

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      Keith Wilson

      The piston should have a size marked on it. Usually on the crown. As for parts.zweirad-schubert.de or ost2rad.com God for mz parts to.ring sizes to match piston size I believe.good luck.

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      Darren Setter

      Thanks Keith. I didn’t notice any markings at all on the piston but I’ll take a closer look.

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