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      Andy McFarlane

      Having problem seeing Parts lists on here is there a problem your end or is it me ??? Manuals showing up no problem ???

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      Ollie Harris

      Hi Andy
      No problems here. Just opened the ts125 parts manual on my mobile with no issues.
      What happens when you try to access?

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      Andrew Staley

      Same here with problems, which I have noticed over the last 2 weeks or so.

      Parts lists and manuals come on screen as ‘loading’ then show the page 1 illustration but scrolling down to page 2 just shows a blank page and then cannot scroll further down or backwards and so have to exit to get off the page.

      Manuals / Parts lists do not open on my laptop (Chromebook) where previously I have never had a problem.

      Have tried on phone but same as on laptop, nothing opens.

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      John Gray

      Same here, but you can download them. That works ok.

    • #14697
      Andrew Staley

      Doh! Thanks for that, I had not noticed the ‘download’ button.

      Still, it is odd that I can no longer read them on the club website whereas previously I could.
      There’s a rabbit off somewhere as they say!

    • #14700

      Just emailed Peter Morris, our webmaster about it.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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