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      Andy McFarlane

      Having problem seeing Parts lists on here is there a problem your end or is it me ??? Manuals showing up no problem ???

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      Ollie Harris

      Hi Andy
      No problems here. Just opened the ts125 parts manual on my mobile with no issues.
      What happens when you try to access?

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      Andrew Staley

      Same here with problems, which I have noticed over the last 2 weeks or so.

      Parts lists and manuals come on screen as ‘loading’ then show the page 1 illustration but scrolling down to page 2 just shows a blank page and then cannot scroll further down or backwards and so have to exit to get off the page.

      Manuals / Parts lists do not open on my laptop (Chromebook) where previously I have never had a problem.

      Have tried on phone but same as on laptop, nothing opens.

    • #14695
      John Gray

      Same here, but you can download them. That works ok.

    • #14697
      Andrew Staley

      Doh! Thanks for that, I had not noticed the ‘download’ button.

      Still, it is odd that I can no longer read them on the club website whereas previously I could.
      There’s a rabbit off somewhere as they say!

    • #14700

      Just emailed Peter Morris, our webmaster about it.

    • #14846

      This is now fixed – the faulty embedded viewer has been removed and replaced with download links to the pdf documents. On most browsers this will open the pdf in the browsers own pdf viewer, but on some it will download the pdf directly to your local device and allow you to read it there.

    • #14850
      Andrew Staley

      Thanks very much for sorting that.

      Manuals and Parts Lists work fine for me now.


Viewing 7 reply threads
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