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      ‘AAA Dummy


      I have had my bike for over 6 years now,although I do not ride her a lot she has always been reliable and so long as I follow the start procedure easy to start.
      I had sombody clean out the carb for me as she wouldnt run under 3000rpm,I was advided that the pilot circuit was probably blocked.
      Anyway I digress,since she has come back and I supose only as a total coincidence because I cannot see how they are related,when I put the bike in first gear it makes a repeated knockin sound.As doon as |I put her into any other gear the noise goes and the bike rides without any issues,although there is a slight suggestion that it doesn’t want to rev high.
      She cruises along fine though no issues.
      ITs not wheel related because that would be nothing to do with the gears,not sure how it might be clutch related because I would think it would also do that in any gear.
      Really appreciate any advice or ideas you suggest that I look at before taking to a mechanic and spending hundreds of pounds.

      I was wondering if the incorrect petrol / oil mix was used would this cause a knock that only shows up in first gear,sounds ridiculous I know,but thats the only thing I can think of thats happened – chap who cleaned carb said he had to put some fuel in and used dome that he had for a mobylette moped.

      Thank you

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      Derek Reynolds

      Might want to check that you have not lost a tooth on the first gear pinion. Had that on a Villiers once. Knocking increased as speed increased. Snick into a higher gear and all quiet.

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      Keith Angus

      Don’t know if you have found the answer to this, but I had the same on my TS250/1. First gear had lost a tooth. Bear in mind that the first gear is used as part of the kickstarter train, so it takes some extra punishment, especially if you have an engine that needs a few kicks to get it going. I could have lived with it, but was worried about where that odd tooth had gone in the gearbox?.

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      Peter Fielding

      I think the diagnosis of a missing tooth from 1st gear is probably correct. In my experience this is usually connected with attempts to free a stuck clutch. As someone has already noted, 1st gear is part of the kickstarter mechanism.

      Unfortunately you either live with it and hope the broken tooth stays out of the way, or its a total engine strip.

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