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      Hi members
      I have recently bought a 1987 MZ etz 250 with disc front brake & drum rear, the problem is it has no brake switch for the rear brake..
      can anyone tell me or send me a picture of where it should be fitted??
      It has not got anything fitted on the drum so I presume it will be just a standed pull switch but where do I fit it!..
      Any help or pics would be welcomed. .

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      Richard Smith

      Hi,I have 1987 ETZ300,the rear brakelight switch on mine is a tubular type and is fitted on a fork on the rear of the battery box.A long wire and spring is connected to a small lug on the brake pedal pivot.Mine also has a conection on the rear hub,but has a plug in it,and this is how it was when I bought it.
      If yours doesn’t have any of these,I have seen other MZs at rallies that have the rear stoplight switch on the left side swinging arm on a bracket close to the rear brake cross shaft,with a spring connecting it to the arm of the cross shaft.
      Hope you find this helpful. Terry.

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        Hi Terry
        Many thanks for your reply which I found very helpful, I now know where to fit the brake switch thanks to you!..
        Only just recently joined the MZ riders club but already found it and it’s members very helpful.
        Many thanks

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