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      Ollie Harris

      I’m still trying to put back together an ETZ 125 – this weeks issue is the routing of the cable from the neutral switch.
      From what I can see, the cable needs to loop around the alternator, and then pass under the chain. My concern is that there’s only a narrow gap between the chain and the crank case, wide enough for a well-supported wire to pass through, but not enough to allow for any movement/vibration. The last thing I want is a wire dangling around in the chain.
      I can see no extra holes / clips in the crankcase, nor anything on the sprocket cover
      Would anyone have details on how to route the wire, or are there any tricks which I’m missing out on? I would like to get the last covers on the engine this weekend, so may resort to leaving the switch cable off. I put up with no neutral switch for months on my TS, so I might just insulate the cable and hide it out of the way. At least I can then see whether the beast will run!
      Thanks in advance

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      Ollie Harris

      Problem solved – the cable is routed behind a tag on the seal holder (for the layshaft/output shaft seal). I did put a length of heatshrink around the whole wire, just to add another layer of protection.

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