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      David Sloan

      I have rebuilt the bike from the frame up and it’s looking good with many new parts fitted. problem is it runs very rough at low revs and won’t tick over. when I got the bike it had a starting problem and the guy had fitted a new carb but it turned out to be rust in the fuel tank. The tank is now very clean ( hydrochloric acid) but still did not tick over. I then noticed the plastic plug over the pilot jet had been removed and the settings changed. I replaced the carb with a brand new one hoping that it would be set correctly and solve the problem but it did not. the bike starts first or second kick but cuts out at low rpm any help much appreciated.

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      A A A Dummy

      Have you checked the voltage output from the regulator when its idling. I had similar symptoms on my Super 5 ticked over but very lumpy and would stall at traffic lights, roundabouts, T-junctions. I solved it with an electronic regulator.

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      David Sloan

      Hi, I had fitted an electronic regulator when I rebuilt the bike but I will check it just in case, I was thinking carb problem but I am not sure.
      Many thanks, Dave

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