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      Neil Wisbeach

      This might be very old news but I have just read a very interesting article on the MZ forum in Germany concerning the above item. If you look closley at the ratchet, it is just noticable that on one end only, the initial tooth is slightly shorter and champhered.

      This enables the ratchet to engage smoothly with the starter pinion behind the clutch so stopping severe wear on the ratchet (I have owned two MZ’s that suffered due to this)

      Sorry if this is yesterdays news, but I thought it quite a clever idea.


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      Gerd Knight

      Which forum was this on, are you able to share the link?

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      Derek Reynolds

      I read something about that elsewhere just recently. I don’t think it was peculiar to MZ, just a necessary engineering solution.

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      Neil Wisbeach

      Good evening gentleman (and ladies if present!)

      The address/link is

      The forum is very big and informative, its free to register and if you use Google chrome and use the translate function, it’s a good read.

      I can’t find the original post as the listings for “Kickstartersegment” are very numerous.

      In reply to Derek’s post…. As I’m a bit obsessed with the DDR in general and IFA motorcycles and scooters in particular, I like to belive that any good bike engineering solution MUST have originated from the MZ factory! (a bit biased but it makes me feel happy!)

      Regards, Neil

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