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      Andy McFarlane

      Hello ,I have a 125 Saxon, Is it possible to have 125 barrel bored out to 150 to get a little more power ?

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      Hi Andy,

      I Did that conversion in the late 90’s to an ETZ, but instead of a re-bore I sourced a full 150 top end.
      It did make quite a bit of difference.

      From memory as well as a rebore or new cylinder barrel you will need a new piston and rings, a new gudgeon pin, possibly a different head, 150 inlet manifold, carb for a 150 or replace the jets in yours to make it 150 compatible and all assosciated gakets.

      When I sold the bike I converted it back to 125, so potentialy somewhere in the garage I have the conversion parts you need – that being said they have been laid up for around 20 years!


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        Andy McFarlane

        HiTom ,
        Thanks for that, I think i will just go for standard rebuild at moment ,but if you come across parts in your garage I may be interested in them, I have a few 125 etz parts from a previous ownership that came with the bike.

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