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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Tyre pressures given for a ’72 ES250/2 Trophy in the manual as Solo Front 1.4 Rear 1.9 . . . . . what does this translate to in psi does anyone know please?

      If its Bar in the original then the front is only 20psi which seems a bit low to me.

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      Richard Smith

      My ETZ Haynes manual gives the tyre pressures as all ETZ models as 1.5kg/cm2 front [21psi] and 1.9kg/cm2[27psi].The exception being the 251,which is 24psi front and 27 psi rear.
      hope this helps.

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      Haynes manual !!! Yes it does but does that still apply thirty years later with
      tyre technology moving on, we hope.
      Only ridden my Super five 30 miles or so and they seem too hard. Going to drop them
      a couple of pounds and see how they feel.
      “How they feel” isn’t that what its all about.
      Cheers. Rob.

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