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      ‘AAA Dummy


      I have stripped the engine and gearbox on my Es and I have a lot of sideways play in the big end bearing but no up and down play.

      It says in the manual you are allowed 1mm play, am I correct in thinking this is up and down play.

      First motorbike engine I have stripped so unsure of the tolerances.

      Any advise would be appreciated.


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      Ollie Harris

      Hi Richard. The 1mm value in the manual wont be up&down play – you would certainly know all about it if that was the case! Looking at the manual, the vertical play (radial) limit is 0.05mm (or 2 thou) – so hardly measurable.
      As for side play, the manual says the conrod is “guided by the small end bush, that is why the axial clearance can be a little larger at the oppsite end”
      I’d be tempted to chuck it back together

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Ollie.

      Thanks for that, much appreciated.


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