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      Derek Reynolds

      I have an ES125/1 and it is missing the twistgrip stop spring as described in the MZ factory manual (p.67). Said spring is available from Ost2rad in Germany for €1.18, but with shipping costs at €12.00.

      Does anyone know of a UK supplier, or have one lurking in their shed detritus (mine has plenty, but not the right size!).


      Derek (Salop.)

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      ‘AAA Dummy

      Hi Derek
      I don’t personally have one for you, I do have a couple of bits but am hanging on to them (cables and bars such like). May I make a suggestion: If you can’t get one here then there are two other choices 1) either wait until you have a large enough order to make it “post cost effective” or 2) if you know other members ordering then perhaps they may tack on your spring to theirs, just a helpful thought
      Hope you get there in the finish

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      Derek Reynolds

      Thanks Stuart, I have in fact done just as suggested, and sent off a small order to Ost2rad, the spring was included and arrived by DHL today.

      Have had some ‘fun’ with the handlebar yolk too. Someone had decided to lock the steering adjustment nut with the second nut, and fit the yolk on top, finishing off with the bolt that expands the clamping cone bearing down on a rubber washer, as the yolk would not go down any further than this image shows:
      ES125 yolk

      Rubber washer absent in this shot. Just one of a number of ‘oddities’ that previous owners have had a hand in.

      All new cables have made such a difference too. It’s coming together.

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