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      Richard Smith

      The footrest bar/centre stand mounting on my ETZ 300 is now rather “wobbly” due to corrosion where it joins the lower frame.
      The metal around this point seems rather thin,and I wonder if welding might be too fierce for corroded metal.
      Would brazing two bracing pieces of metal both sides from the frame to the footrest bar/centre stand mounting be preferable?
      Has anyone had any experience of this?
      I would welcome any advice and comments,thank you.
      Terry Taylor.

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      Malcolm Thomason

      It is fairly easy to over-plate the corrosion using MIG or TIG welding.
      If you can fold two half sections accurately to suit the outside dimensions of the box section, with the joint lines on the fore and aft centreline. cut out a slot to fit around the centre stand mount and weld to sound metal.
      Normal arc welding will be difficult as you will tend to burn through but using MIG on a thin wire (1mm or so) Not the flux-cored crap but proper gas-shielded MIG. At a pinch, you can gas weld but MIG is easier.
      You will have to clean any paint or rust as MIG doesn’t like a dirty joint.
      Most garages or welding shops will do the welding if you make the parts.
      The slot around the centre stand tube have to close enough to allow welding of the tube to the new plate.
      I did one a few years back and it worked perfectly.
      The other option is to buy a scrap frame and cut the bottom portion off and butt-weld it to your frame.
      “Cut your way in and weld your way out”

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      Richard Smith

      Thank you Malcolm for the advice,I will give your suggestions a good dose of thinking about,the one I like best is the butt welding the bottom portion of a scrap frame to mine.If I can find a frame that isn’t as corroded as mine,that is the option I like best.Many thanks.

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