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      Gary Stephenson

      Can anyone explain to me how does the clutch wwork on the etz 250, i have renewed all the parts but how does the clutch cable and the clutch cable pull on the presure plate, does the clutch seperate the friction plates how?

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      Daniel Rodd

      cable pulls a plate upwards which is on a worm so pushes the pressure plate inwards,seperating the plates

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      Keith Angus

      As summarised above the clutch cable pulls on an arm, which rotates a nut on a five start thread. This pushes a boss on the end of the clutch which connects to a pressure plate on the opposite face of the clutch. Therefore this is moved away from the main clutch body, relieving the spring pressure on the plates.

      If your clutch is not releasing properly make sure the arm is set correctly as per the manual. After that it is just a matter of routine cable adjustment

Viewing 2 reply threads
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